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Weekend Knack 14/04/20: Lockdown Lessons: Living slower and rediscovering the neighborhood shop

Lotte Philipsen asked me who covid-19 has changed my life.

English version of my part of the article. You can find the link to the complete dutch article below.

Home situation Single, in a studio with a sunny terrace.

Work situation I work daily on my B.Right, my start-up business, focused on sustainable fashion. In recent years, I’ve been working on this project from home. Since January however, I’d moved to a co-working place. So now, this lockdown catapults me back in time.

Has your life changed a lot during the lockdown? I’ve been passionate about my project for a while now, so my social activities are regularly on the back burner. Right now, all my activities for B.Right have been canceled, but I am still very busy. That's called passion, right? Fortunately, my sisters are doing the shopping for the whole family, so actually, I have lesser housework.

Have you developed a new habit in recent weeks? I’m going into nature more often. I even went to the park once, before the crowds at 7 am. It was great to watch nature waking up. During these corona times, I'm using social media more to spread mindfulness/self-awareness. I believe this is the basis for sustainable living.

Is there anything you learned during this period? I’ve noticed again, how much inspiration I can get from nature. I intend to remember this in the future. Also, I love to see how much beauty comes out of difficult situations. Volunteering platforms are booming, and people are adapting. This makes me very hopeful. Change is possible. This can potentially be a good lesson to tackle our climate- related challenges.

After the lockdown, do you simply pick up from where you left? My gratitude for the wonderful people around me, has only grown. I want to pay more attention to them in the future. And then of course, there are all the new projects that are bubbling up, because now I have more time to think.

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