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Be Bright. Be Right.


Is it possible to look fashionable and fresh, without harming people or the environment?

“What concrete steps can I take to prevent 7000 liters of water from creeping into my jeans? How do I avoid microplastics in my drinking water thanks to my purchase? Why is a garbage truck with clothes being destroyed every second? How do I help my favorite brand treat its own employees well? ”


At B.Right, our goal is to inspire you to do this and more. From re-purposing what's already in your closet to recommending where to shop, we share our knowledge and experience, to help you write your own fashion story.


Even as a fashion company, you can write a new chapter in your own story. We help you to create a vision to evolve towards a more sustainable business operations. Always bearing in mind the needs of your (sustainable) customer. This is possible through smart business management, which strives for a valuable bond with its own producers and consumers.


B.Right believes in ‘mindful fashion’- We believe you can increase your impact by buying smart. Not only smart for people or the environment, but also smart for your wardrobe and your body. Your choices can determine how you feel on the inside and how you look on the outside. Therefore, we offer you insights and tools to make informed choices, minus the

mis-leading advertising.


B.Right offers Fashion Tours, a unique 30 days wardrobe challenge, Lectures and Coachings, and more. Come and discover for yourself which shops, brands and craftsmen in your city are surfing on the new wave of sustainable fashion. Get inspired by the many creative options mindful fashion can provide. Or join us for personalized sessions and advice. For the moment only a limited part of the website is in English. Please feel free to mail me or call me (0486/52.13.29) with all your questions.

For fashion companies we offer tailored guidance to both small and large players, to take realistic steps towards a ‘smarter’ future. Discover how mindful fashion is an answer to the complex challenges of fast fashion, in a tailor-made coaching. Please feel free to send me a mail or call me +32486521329.


Be Bright. Be Right

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