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Style Coach 


Do your clothes give you the freedom to be who you want to be?

Clothes are like a second skin. The way we present ourselves to the world. They can be an expression of who we are. But often we feel hesitant to really wear what we like. We are scared of the judgement of others (parents, friends, family,...). In addition we change through the course of life. These changes can make us feel insecure about our body and ourself.

But can you truly be yourself if you don't wear what you love?


During this mindful fashion session you’ll discover what it means to buy and wear clothes according to your personal style. But also according to your values. What brands and stores deserve a place in your sustainable fashion story? Where do you want to invest your money?



  • Inspirational coffee: What does your closet look like now? What does your dream closet look like? What are the steps to get this dream closet?

  • Which hotspots fit into your sustainable fashion dna? I will propose a selection of stores that fit your needs. These will have a link to your style and values. We will decide together which stores suit you best.

  • Visit to the stores and fitting sessions.

  • Farewell moment


Investment: € 250 for 3 hours

Privacy Statement

When signing up for the guided fashion tour you will also automatically get subscribed to the sustainable fashion inspiration mailing list of b-right. You are free at all times to unsubscribe and your details won't be shared with 3rd parties.

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