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6 Tips for good Basics


Basics are the building blocks of our wardrobe. By owning the right basics, you can use your wardrobe in an optimal way.

I like to share 6 tips:

A good basic is:

x Timeless. This doesn’t mean boring. It can be a piece with (your ;-)) personality.

x Fits your wardrobe and also style.

x A quality piece. Be sure to investigate the seams. Are they strong and made with care?

x Is it love at first sight? Do you immediately feel that this piece is you?

x Is it worth your investment? Because this is a piece you will wear regularly it might be worth spending more on it.

x Will you wear it at least 30 times?

x If in addition you wear it in different ways it is really great.

A few examples of basics:

A jeans.

A black pair of pants

A black skirt

A black dress

Basic t-shirts

Basic tops

A blouse

A blazer

A cardigan

A timeless coat

You don’t have to have all these pieces. But it is important to have a good mix of tops and bottoms.

But don’t feel limited by this list. Yesterday I bought a black dungarees from Kaiko Clothing.

This is one of my favorite basics at the moment :-). It is the first time I bought from this brand and I love it. Blazer and wite top are from pioneer Peope Tree. I didn’t buy them but they are great basics. You can find them in the lovely setting of HOST.

Do you want to find out more on sustainable fashion? Join a tour. You can find all the information here.

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