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B.Right sees the impact of sustainable fashion with her own eyes

"I strongly believe that beautiful fashion can also be made in a beautiful way." Three years ago, Bie Noé founded B.Right, an organization that wants to inspire people and companies, about sustainable fashion. She does this by organizing walks, workshops and lectures. Bie wants to bring positive stories from people and organizations, that prove fashion can be positive for people, but also for the planet. Last fall, she traveled to India,with much curiousity and many questions. Readhere, about her journey, and what she learned.

Their story becomes mine

I visit Paces Crafts, a textile workshop in Ranchi, a small village in East India.

Four years ago, Indra Cox of the non-profit organization Solid, moved from Belgium to Ranchi. It wasn't easy to start the studio with ladies who used to live of rice and barter.

But on the day of my visit, the organization became a great reality.One by one, twenty craftsmen drop-in, smiling.This is a relaxed atmosphere. Six craftsmen install themselves on the looms, the others make bobbins, and create beautiful carpets applying other forms of handicrafts. Indra tells me how important the village council is for these people. It is a meeting where room is made for sharing both, information and personal stories. Similarly, a meeting is scheduled here, at the studio, every week. During the round table, I tell them how their story becomes mine- How we enjoy them in Belgium. No words are needed to know how proud they are.